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Space Horror I

by Jerry

Episode 1 of Fight the Fates
Alien Visitation

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An early web CYOA game about an alien invasion, August 1, 2017
by MathBrush
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This was a good twinelike game before Twine was popular.

You go to the bathroom in a bar, and everyone is gone when you come out.

This game is mostly pure branching, but has a clever puzzle or two, several images, and some sounds.

It was a bit hard to install and get running, but it's very interesting, especially if you're in to IF history.


[...] the author of Space Horror probably has had it somewhat easier, since his work is a CYOA. At this point, it must be said I don' t share the rather widespread in the IF-community bias against that kind of game. Especially if it is done as careful as Space Horror -- with several fully fleshed out plot lines, well-defined characters (although, of course, they aren't too interactive), and great illustrations. The author even managed to squeeze in a couple of puzzles -- quite a feat, considering the game format.
-- Valentine Kopteltsev

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- Grey (Italy), December 25, 2009

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