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- Kara Goldfinch (UK), May 10, 2021

- oddgrue (California), April 17, 2021

- Fie, April 11, 2021

- Shigosei, February 17, 2021

- mifga (Brooklyn, NY), October 14, 2020

- nosferatu, September 24, 2020

- Relle, August 10, 2020

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A very long, complex alchemy game. Polished, and set in a fantasy world, July 21, 2020
by MathBrush
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This game combines an intricate alchemy system with technology aboard a sort of magical spacecraft. This isn't a rocket engine; it's a complex environment that uses magic to translocate in space.

Something has gone horribly wrong on your magical ship, leading to major disruptions in time and space.

You collect what may be hundreds of items in this game, perform dozens of rituals, and visit quite a few locations. In this sense, it ranks with other ultra big games like Mulldoon Legacy or Spellbreaker. However, this game has an advantage in that it simplifies things for you. Any ritual, once performed, can be done again with a single command. There are database type commands that allow you to recall all rooms, all items, all rituals, etc.

The setting is barren and mysterious, with the outside world leading to a variety of mysterious lands.

I couldn't put this game down. Very well done.

- Blind Assassin (Illinois, United States), July 12, 2020

- Cognitive_Prospector, June 6, 2020

- felix, November 2, 2019

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A bit sad, September 29, 2019

I had so high expectations of this game, but in the end I found it very unsatisfying. I mean, the implementation is super. However, the ending is unsatisfactory. It takes a lot of work to finish the game, as it's big. You spend a lot of time learning the various rituals and managing the ingredients, and the reward for all this work is extremely terse. The difference between the better ending and the worse ending is 3 words. It feels... stingy! The author could have given us a slightly more expansive description of the ending as a reward.

- alex19EP, August 29, 2019

- florzinha, July 12, 2019

- Steffan LW Sitka (Los Angeles), March 3, 2019

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Too rational and systematic magic gets boring, December 8, 2018

I was one of the backers for this project. I think the game it's full of original ideas and the parser does impressive things, but most of the game is about having to learn this complex magical system involving boring mechanical rituals. Burning things, combining physical elements... Learning the system is too tedious and getting a ritual done is not very rewarding (there isnīt much fun in the descriptions of the effects) so I didnīt have any incentive to go through. The fantastic here is filtered by a rational lens that spoils all the fun.

- caitirilt, November 19, 2018

- kevan, September 23, 2018

- Squidi, June 22, 2018

- dgtziea, May 9, 2018

- becdot, March 26, 2018

- Guenni (At home), January 23, 2018

- mjw1007, January 15, 2018

- Tross, November 18, 2017

- karlnp (Vancouver, BC), August 23, 2017

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