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An illustrated parser game with multiple independent tracks, February 1, 2019
by MathBrush
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This French IFComp game was written using Vorple, allowing it to have a dozen illustrations.

In stark contrast to the freedom of parser or the generally linear Twine games, this game has twelve different screens you can pay attention to, each of which has its own timeline. This makes it more like Varicella or Master of the Land, which implement similar parallel timelines.

However, just as with those games, I found it difficult to make and carry out plans.

I believe there may have been an error in the scoring. Despite receiving positive feedback on many of my police reports, and playing through a half-dozen times, my score only went down from 100 out of 1000, sometimes even becoming negative. My final scores were 100, -50, 80, and so on. I checked the walkthrough after and it seemed to say I was doing a good job, so I don't know.

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dutchmule, February 2, 2019 - Reply
Thanks for the review!
Re: the score, I think if you map it out and time it right you can end up reporting one action per turn, although you can do that also just on a specific screen. Negative happens when you report something that shouldn't have been reported (but maybe the penalty is too harsh). The scoring is probably not clear (and to be totally fair that game wasn't tested!), though it wasn't really our focal point.
Thanks again for the kind review!
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