Tookie's Song

by Jessica Knoch

Alien Visitation

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- Edo, February 4, 2021

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A fun and silly 4-area puzzlefest with cat aliens and a lost dog, February 3, 2016

This game is just a silly puzzle adventure with four separate areas, each with their own solution, which sometimes combine.

The puzzles are fun. As discussed on IFwiki, the first puzzle (which was too hard for me, but cool) is taken from a D&D module. There is also a classic math puzzle, and a riddle taken from The Hobbit.

There are also some other clever features. I enjoyed the bowling game, where you bowl 20 times (it can get tedious, but it's also fun). The descriptions were beautiful. Some of the capabilities of the game and its NPCs weren't made clear, but if you ask everyone about each other, it should help.

There are three endings, depending on how many optional quests you did.

Fun for puzzle fans.

- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), December 26, 2015

- Sam Kabo Ashwell (Seattle), April 16, 2012

- Grey (Italy), December 25, 2009

- Ghalev (Colorado, United States), August 10, 2009

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I'm Afraid Not, July 23, 2009
by AmberShards (The Gothic South)

The game starts off cutely and then right after that smacks you with a puzzle that defines unfair. It's not clued and there is no way to get anywhere in the game without pulling the good old "examine everything" bit.

Then you have a parser that doesn't know common verbs (like knock), and a lot of purple prose. Seriously, there are very few objects in the four-doored vault area and there's purple prose? Not only that, but there are bugs.

Once you make it past a door, you'll find puzzles that are just as annoying, and perverted NPCS to boot. One of the puzzles is a riddle. Another puzzle (get this) is a mathematical word problem. It was at this point that I gave up. I thought games were supposed to be entertaining.

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An ambiguous opinion, January 21, 2009
by Andromache (Hawaii)

This game turns humans into lab rats, which doesn't really sit well with me, which is why I gave it an average rating. Also, there's a minor bug that makes the game somewhat choppy to play during that section, but it's quite cleaned up for a first release. Puzzles are super easy and the hint system was nicely implemented, broken up into bite-sized pieces so as not to spoil the game outright. The game is entertaining, if a bit condescending. Worth playing at least once, but the cuteness doesn't really mesh with something as serious as respecting the dignity of experimentees.

- Rose (New Zealand), January 21, 2009

>VERBOSE -- Paul O'Brian's Interactive Fiction Page

[T]his game has plenty of charming and wonderful assets of its own to recommend it. First of all, and still my favorite, are the altered library messages. I hereby nominate the following for Comp02's most delightful response to X ME: "You are, and I say this in all honesty, as good-looking as you have ever been."... Unfortunately, I can't praise the coding uniformly, because I encountered a number of problems during my time with the game... Happily, the author seems quite dedicated to collecting bug reports, so I feel fairly confident that there will be post-comp releases that take care of these problems. Once those bugfixes are complete, I would recommend TOOKiE'S SONG without hesitation.

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- Pseudo_Intellectual (Vancouver, Canada), October 25, 2007

- Quintin Stone (NC), October 23, 2007

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