Tookie's Song

by Jessica Knoch

Alien Visitation

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An ambiguous opinion, January 21, 2009
by Andromache (Hawaii)

This game turns humans into lab rats, which doesn't really sit well with me, which is why I gave it an average rating. Also, there's a minor bug that makes the game somewhat choppy to play during that section, but it's quite cleaned up for a first release. Puzzles are super easy and the hint system was nicely implemented, broken up into bite-sized pieces so as not to spoil the game outright. The game is entertaining, if a bit condescending. Worth playing at least once, but the cuteness doesn't really mesh with something as serious as respecting the dignity of experimentees.

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AmberShards, July 19, 2009 - Reply
If it helps any, I didn't find your opinion ambiguous at all. I definitely got something out of it.
Andromache, December 22, 2012 - Reply
Thanks. I can tell I wasn't too impressed with the game with how short the review is. Haha. But judging by your review, you were even less so.
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