Structural Integrity

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Will the building fall apart, or your relationship?, May 17, 2023
by Wynter (London, UK)
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This falls into the genre of slice-of-life relationship-based stories, centring on a disagreement between a couple and how it ties into the hidden faultlines of their relationship: the title is elegantly apt. The story is told from different viewpoints, often flitting back and forth, which I wasnít initially expecting, but itís done very well. I wasnít sure what the setting is supposed to be - one of the characters is supposed to have worked as a messenger, delivering messages across the city, but thatís the only real indicator: the story centres on a situation that could happen in all sorts of worlds.

A very nice-looking Twine, and rather like a short story in its ability to communicate a lot in what only takes a brief time to play. I very much liked the use of differently-coloured links for different purposes - blue to add extra description, red to move the story onwards. At the end, you reach a page listing all the endings you have reached so far, so it has some good replay value.

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