April in Paris

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A somewhat confusing slice-of-life game in a Parisian cafe, February 3, 2016

Jim Aikin is one of my favorite authors, so I was looking forward to this game. But it turned out to be a bit odd.

You play an american tourist trying to get some food at a Cafe in Paris. As you wander about the cafe, it is clear that there are some things you might try to get the waiter's attention. As you do them, the game progresses. However, the game increasingly has you do odd things that you wouldn't really think of in real life, without motivation.

The setting, a 2x3 rectangle in a cafe, is charming, with some fun NPC's (the game was nominated for an XYZZY for Best NPC's). It's really just an atmospheric game.

Recommended for fans of Paris or of restaurant games (like Gourmet or Dinner with Andre).

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- Neale Grant (Hove, England), January 5, 2009

Baf's Guide

You are a tourist who wants to dine at a cafe in Paris. However, you need to make the garçon turn his precious attention to you first...

This is a puzzle-oriented game, and the puzzles are great indeed. The setting is fine and pretty atmospheric. My main disappointment were the characters: the author depicted them so vividly I expected them to be more like real peopl, but, as it turned out later, they mostly were just obstacle- and puzzle-providing dummies.
--Valentine Kopteltsev

- Kake (London, England), November 26, 2008

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