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Author of "Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina" (I6, 1999), "Last Resort" (I6, 2006), "Lydia's Heart" (TADS 3, 2007). Co-author with Eric Eve of "Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret" (TADS 3, 2008).

2nd place winner of IntroComp 2007 for "Tin". Co-winner with Eric Eve of two Beginner's Comps (2008) for "Mrs. Pepper's."

Note: "Lydia's Heart" is version 2.0 of "Last Resort." It is not simply a port to TADS -- it includes a dozen new rooms, about 18 new puzzles, a more complex dramatic structure, and more NPC conversation.

Author of two SF novels: "Walk the Moons Road" (Del Rey, 1985) and "The Wall at the Edge of the World" (Ace, 1992).

Expert on electronic music technology; hundreds of published articles in all, in Electronic Musician, Keyboard, Mix, Remix, Drum, Virtual Instruments, and other magazines.

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Interactive Fiction by Jim Aikin

Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina, by Jim Aikin (1999)
(28 ratings)

Lydia's Heart, by Jim Aikin (2007)
(30 ratings)
"Lydia's Heart" is a large, complex game with a serious tone and seven or eight NPCs you can converse with. The genre is low-key horror: There's almost no actual blood, but there are several ways...

Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret, by Jim Aikin and Eric Eve (2008)
(38 ratings)

Walking home from school is mostly okay, except for one big problem: Every day you have to pass right by Mrs. Pepper's house. She may not actually be a witch, but she sure acts like one. And now...

Captivity, by Jim Aikin (2020)
(16 ratings)
Locked in a tower in a castle by an evil duke — how annoying. And you’re not even a princess! Duke Esteban is demanding an outrageous ransom of your well-born and well-meaning but cash-strapped...

A Flustered Duck, by Jim Aikin (2009)
(12 ratings)

You play as Elliott, a pig-boy. It starts when Granny Grabby orders you to get Mabel the duck down from the roof. You try, but a series of unfortunate events ensue ending with Mabel swallowing the...

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rendition, by nespresso   April 18, 2008
""Rendition" was recommended to me because I was looking for games that lack happy endings. Unfortunately, "Rendition" lacks everything..." - See the full review