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Nothing to Be Done, April 18, 2008
by Jim Aikin (Northern California)

"Rendition" was recommended to me because I was looking for games that lack happy endings. Unfortunately, "Rendition" lacks everything else too. Specifically, it lacks writing, it lacks implementation, and it lacks basic human decency.

The setup is, you're an interrogator. You're alone in a cell with Abdul. Abdul is naked. You are carrying nothing. There is nothing in the cell except a door to the south. If you try to open the door you're told, "You have not yet done enough to Abdul."

The problem I have with this setup is, I'm not interested in torturing Abdul. And there seems to be nothing else that can be done in the game except torture him.

A single hint is implemented. It implies that you can damage Abdul's body parts one at a time. And indeed, Abdul's fingers, toes, eyes, testicles, and penis are separately implemented as objects. Hitting one of Abdul's body parts increases your score by one point.

Whoever wrote this sick piece of shit should be banned from Interactive Fiction for life. It should be removed from the IFDB and the archive, and quickly.

No stars.

--Jim Aikin