Delicious Breakfast

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Slice of life/Comedy

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Dare you eat a Delicious Breakfast?.. Probably., December 21, 2012
by Wade Clarke (Sydney, Australia)
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My experience of these Pirate Kart games is that they're short, easy and busy. I find that to be a good combo compared to short, hard and anything else, since the flakey implementation of tiny games is what can make me so annoyed when I fiddle with them.

Anger is not relevant for Delicious Breakfast, a game about a person (or perhaps some manner of living man-insect, if 'x me' isn't joking) who wakes up in the morning and sees the world largely through a prism of exclamation marks. A being for whom the phrase 'Delicious Breakfast' is always thought of in Title Case.

As you fiddle with assorted foodstuffs in your kitchen trying to assemble and eat a Delicious Breakfast, you learn that the character you're playing is a rather stupid manic whose existence is framed only in terms of Delicious Breakfast, and that the term 'Delicious Breakfast' represents an idealised concept for this character rather that an accurate description of what's eaten and how it's et. (I don't know why I'm always eating gross stuff off the floor in adventure games, but I did it again here.) My score was soon to explode, and pretty soon I'd won the game.

I can relate to idealising breakfast. I eat Weet-Bix every day and they bring me into the land of the living. Delicious Breakfast is amusing and easy, though it is not a Weet Bick.

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Wade Clarke, August 11, 2012 (updated August 12, 2012) - Reply
Thanks Molly. Actually that is pretty funny about the perception of the PC. Now that you've offered that idea, it makes as much sense to me as my way. (Spoiler - click to show)The only physical clue I saw pointing to me being a monster is the feelers. Other clues could go either way, like noticing my neighbours had moved away. Or that 'Mrs Marcia had to go' - actually I did a double take on that one because I wondered if it was a euphemism for me having killed her or something. When the eating business turned out to be so strange, I decided the game's world order was 'I'm a wackjob living in a wackjob world.'
Molly, August 11, 2012 - Reply
Thanks for the review! I find your assessment of the PC very interesting. (Spoiler - click to show)I had envisioned them as a sort of monster-person, but your view of them as a dim-witted maniac works out just as well, I think.
Joey Jones, August 9, 2012 - Reply
I agree with your assessment. Except the Weet-Bix love. Weetabix (my local variant) is the only thing I will not eat but still consider a potential food-stuff (unlike, say, flesh, which doesn't even register as food for me). There's a horrifying taste and sensation when it gets all grey and mushy. They say that the body cannot remember pain, but that cannot be true: my throat winces at the thought of that baleful cereal that I seemed to have loved as a child but now despise. We say 'there's no accounting for taste', but I have counted and found weetabix wanting.

* * *

Delicious Breakfast almost raised a smile- it gets points for enthusiasm at least.
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