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- EJ, February 1, 2023

- kierlani, May 4, 2020

- dgtziea, November 8, 2019

- Laney Berry, September 28, 2018

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An intriguing short story about a missing woman in Japan, September 19, 2018
by MathBrush
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I played this game because it has been one of the most-rated games this year. It's a short-to-mid-length Twine game set in Japan with three endings.

I gave this game/story 5 stars based on my criteria:

-Polish. The writing is smooth, the images add to the story, and the structure seems thought-out.
-Interactivity. I wanted to pursue the main thread of the story but feel like I had some investment. This game is fairly linear and branches in some "do you want to win or not win?" kind of ways. But it worked for me.
-Descriptive writing. This story is vivid and very descriptive.
-Emotional impact. I found the story effective from two angles: one about a man showing concern for a fellow human, and another angle where the protagonist is a deeply concerning example of a man believing that he has the privilege to become obsessed with and interfere with a woman's life.
-I would play this again.

- Sobol (Russia), April 5, 2018

Great story, March 27, 2018

I really enjoyed the story and how it evolves. The photographs were a nice touch. I did feel though that there should be a follow on to this game, Lost & Found 2?

Great story, March 23, 2018

A lot of effort has gone into the storytelling, and even though there's a lot of it to read through, it is compelling. I got to a nice ending, there are more than one, so I was happy with that. Nice use of photos too which adds to the setting.

Some of the options presented had a nice bit of humour to them almost along the lines of "why would a sane person do that!?"

Really enjoyed this game :)

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Short, interesting read about taking the unconventional route, March 22, 2018

An introspective story with a twist ending. The message I got from this narrative (depending on the ending) was that taking the road less traveled may lead to happiness.

The author's understanding of Japanese culture mixed with photos of Japanese streets creates a sense of authenticity and immersion.

- stephenhello, March 21, 2018

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Nice read!, March 17, 2018

Lost and Found plays in modern day Tokyo, but not in the glitzy entertainment districts, but in the unhurried suburbs. The player is a homeless tutor who lives in a park near a school and encounters a female teacher who leaves an enduring footprint in his life.

The setting is fresh and well fleshed out. As a game, Lost and Found sucks as it's just a gamebook with merely a handfull of choices to make. But the writing is good, the story is good, the pacing is good, and so it's a good read. Done in 15 minutes, but it's exciting and emotionally affecting. Recommended for people who love fresh settings and who don't expect a game to be an actual game.

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