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Interactive Fiction by thesleuthacademy

The Case of the Solitary Resident, by thesleuthacademy (2024)
(3 ratings)
Uncover the truth behind a mysterious death in an apartment.

Last Vestiges, by thesleuthacademy (2023)
(10 ratings)

Hertfordshire Avenue. A body. ...

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Waiting for Sunrise, by Victor Selnęs Breum   January 18, 2024
"I liked how it's heavy on deduction skills and how it just cuts to the chase with the narrative. Short and sweet; totally my cup of tea...." - See the full review

A Clockwork Noir, by Jeremy Lee Harden   December 4, 2023
"Looked promising till I got hopelessly stuck . A walkthrough or a hint system would have..." - See the full review

CODENAME OBSCURA, by Mika Kujala   October 4, 2023
"Another gem found. Appreciated the depth of exploration for a one-hour game, the beautiful pixelated old-school graphics(!), and the ease..." - See the full review

Saint City Sinners, by dgallagher   June 26, 2023
"Plot could have been more well-developed. More of a comedy than a detective mystery. Oh and the music is on point!"

Murder at the Aero Club, by Penny Wyatt   June 23, 2023
"A simple yet adequate murder mystery plot with sufficient suspects and clues. Was stuck towards the end when I couldn't get the suspect..." - See the full review

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