by Paul Allen Panks

Part of Ninja series by Paul Allen Panks

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A very short game in BASIC with random death and bad parser, June 5, 2017

In this game, you play a ninja who has to retrieve a golden idol.

It's super short, with only 3 or 4 activities you need to execute.

I'm giving it 2 stars because the writing is descriptive, and because the small writing that was there did give a nice atmosphere.

But otherwise, this is tiny, with poor planning decisions and an obnoxious parser (it commits that horrible offense of understanding a command, telling you it's wrong, and telling you what command you should type instead).

- jgerrie (Cape Breton Island, Canada), April 26, 2014


You start in an ungrammatical, boring room, which includes a shrine that you cannot enter and mountains that are too far away even to be examined. Aside from various peculiarities of syntax and parsing, there is one painfully obvious puzzle to be solved.
-- Carolyn Magruder

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>VERBOSE -- Paul O'Brian's Interactive Fiction Page

It's just really not good at all. But there is a way to enjoy it, at least for me. See, I like to think that there exists a tiny sliver of possibility that Panks is actually just a satirist with a very, very, very dry wit. I mean, really -- if IF were a Christopher Guest movie, Panks would just have to be a character. It's almost as if he's playing a character all the time in his postings, and this game works perfectly as reductio ad absurdum interactive fiction. Look at it as a parody, as perfectly straight-faced and utterly ridiculous all at once, and it may provide a moment's entertainment. Of course, that doesn't mean you'd give it a high score in the comp or anything.

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- Victor Gijsbers (The Netherlands), February 9, 2013

- Ghalev (Colorado, United States), June 28, 2010

- Grey (Italy), December 25, 2009

- Juhana, February 25, 2008

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
Avoid at all costs, October 31, 2007
by Nusco (Bologna, Italy)
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Short BASIC game about a ninja who must do something to someone, but ends up moving between two or three underdescribed locations and winning the game for no apparent reason. Probably contains less words than this review. Extremely buggy.

- Quintin Stone (NC), October 23, 2007

Baf's Guide

A very short game, with the main challenge of making the parser understand what you actually mean. The bad quality of this work might be deliberate; however, even if it was, this fact wouldn't add anything to the game's charm (or its rating, for that matter).

-- Valentine Kopteltsev

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