You Are Jeff Bezos

by Kris Ligman


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- Joey Jones (UK), November 9, 2019

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nice, November 9, 2019

"You Are Jeff Bezos" is a very simple game with no custom visuals or text effects, but the story is well done and thought provoking. Although multimedia can add a lot to a game to set its tone and aesthetic, this one works without any of that. Worth a quick play.

- Victor Gijsbers (The Netherlands), July 28, 2019

Solid reminder that billionaires are bad, July 28, 2019

by Aimee (England)

If good art is art that elicits a reaction and makes you think then this is good art.

This game made my Dad make a sickened face. I got him to play it and when he could just wave away problems at a click of a button the power of it made him feel gross. Anything anti-capitalist that can get that reaction out of him is doing a great job.

I appreciated the Hedgehog's explanations.

- lunaterra (Atlanta, GA, USA), May 12, 2019

- eccol, November 18, 2018

- Emily Short, November 18, 2018

- Danielle (The Wild West), November 8, 2018

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