Space Diner

by Marta profile and Alexej

Science Fiction

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A python-based diner game, April 7, 2021
by MathBrush
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I don't think I would have played this game if I hadn't been committed to reviewing all the Spring Thing games. Downloading Python 3 was tedious and frustrating, having to type exact commands was rough, and restaurant sim's not my favorite genre.

Still, I was engaged by this game and played through till the end. You run a diner on the moon (or Mars, although I didn't try that diner), ordering food, finding what customers want, making recipes, serving it up, then taking care of the diner or hanging out with a friend.

I enjoyed the little narrative snippets when hanging out with my friend the good Doctor. She gave me lots of cool trinkets and talked about space.

Auto-complete was a lifesaver, although I have to ask, why go to the trouble of using autocomplete but then have so many customers whose names start with O? It'd be way better to have every customer name have a distinct letter, or at least spread them out roughly uniformly (unless, by a cosmic joke, they were uniform and I just got 'O' tourists over and over again).

This game was okay, but I felt like I was fighting the system all the way. The question is, what's next? If the authors were trying to learn python better or demonstrate their use of python, then that's great, this is a cool program. If their goal is to create awesome IF, I would ditch python and go with a specialized language like Twine or Ink.

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Mike Russo, April 21, 2021 - Reply
Weird, all my tourists on the moon had names starting with different letters, but for me the colonists invariably had o-names!

I thought the Mars scenario was actually substantially more engaging than the moon one; it's not a radically different experience by any means but if you're looking to kill 15 minutes while listening to a podcast or something, it might be worth going back to check that one out.
MathBrush, April 21, 2021 - Reply
Thanks, that's a great tip!
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