Duck Ted Bundy

by Coleoptera-Kinbote


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No longer available?, May 1, 2015
by timsamoff (Southern California)

It appears like this game is not currently hosted anywhere.

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<blank>, May 1, 2015 - Reply
Yes, it's a shame, and a serious risk of online-only games.

Thankfully, I'm obsessive enough to download them all as I find them before this happens. :)!LkkmWZQS!5v2eiVbVtcwwii6IVj7rwQ

The above link goes to my whole collection, and is slow. The link below goes to this game, and is not.!W4N0FIaA!GOIFpLJQ_cUURKnDymmTNA

As you'll see when you open the link, it's not really the sort of thing I can just mirror here on IFDB. If someone else wants to upload it, go right ahead. But hey, thanks for bringing this up, at least now there's a way to play the game, even if you do have to download it.

The rest of the Fear of Twine games may have suffered the same fate. Well, I have them all, so there.
timsamoff, May 2, 2015 - Reply
Anya Johanna DeNiro, May 1, 2015 - Reply
I think the difference between the Fear of Twine games and others that might have fallen by the wayside was that it was supposed to be a limited-time exhibition, I believe. So the obsolescence was planned to an extent.

this list gives links to ones that were rehosted but the Duck isn't working here either (though other game links are)
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