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A dedication to difficult times, and their passing, April 1, 2024

The writing of this game was superb. I want to put it out there, before I can say anything else.

Now, I'm not gifted at writing reviews in any shape or form, so apologies if this is blunt, but intricate details are not something I know how to use, unless in song lyrics or the design of a game.

I was at first very interested in the calendar layout of the game. I, however, would have liked to see more markings of those I have read, and those left to be read. I personally am not a fan of listing things like those to be read in that order. Which is funny, because I like lists. A lot.
But here, maybe even a different colour marker for clicked links would have been nice.

As well as this, it would have been nice to have some additional things occur every seventh page you read or so, to shake it up a little. Although I loved the writing and found myself drawn by the beauty of it, I could not help but be distanced from it by the sheer number of entries, all listed up neatly and as if ready to textdump. I know it was meant to be designed to be read in small goes, but i didn't get that sense from it. It felt like a bit overwhelming. Diary entries that are found later, for example?

Overall, however, I found it very strong with the writing, sparse in UI (although pretty and suitable for the idea), and maybe a little more complexity to make it an easier read. The meaning was obscure but vaguely present, subtle reminders you were not alone. I felt cold and shivery (the environment you described yourself as being in felt cold to me, which I could certainly feel), and yet nice and cozy.

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