Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two

by Mishka Jenkins

Episode 2 of Wayhaven Chronicles

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- CoachCuddles, June 11, 2022

- Raelyn, April 21, 2022

- Googsy, April 17, 2022

- cynsaur, July 27, 2021

- LR255, July 11, 2021

- Joakin Thorne (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), June 19, 2021

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Are vampires down to clown or is this just some funny business, March 25, 2021
by Shadowcutie (USA)

I wrote about the series as a whole on my Book One review so I won't bore you by repeating it all again. Just know I love TWC, it's a great supernatural romance series, one of the best.

For those who haven't checked out the series at all, but are still reading reviews about Book TWO for some reason...if you like the romance genre at all...go back and look into Book One. Play the Book One free demo chapters. I know writing style can sometimes get in the way of liking a story even if the plot or genre is one you love, so playing the free demo chapters will be the best indication as to whether this is a series for you as the style is very consistent throughout the books.

About Book Two specifically...

Book Two is where you can start a relationship with a couple of the romance options, the other two are still being tough nuts to crack. TWC is extra cool because even though there are two characters ready to start relationships with your character...you don't have to (yet)! It doesn't end the possibility of romance, you aren't breaking up with them, as I mentioned in my other review there isn't any way to fail the romance. It just adds to the replayability! See how the dynamics and interactions change when you work side by side with someone you told "Can I have some more time to think about it". Ooh the pining!

I tend to be the type of player who finds the one path and one type of character I like and then I play the game that same way every time. However I'm having a lot of fun trying out all the different paths, especially seeing how decisions made in Book One affect the story now. I can just tell I'm going to have sooo many save files from trying out everything.

Book Two is still funny and lighthearted, it does get a little steamy (for one romance), and a little sad--I even teared up a little! Definitely a roller coaster of emotion. Very fitting given the carnival subplot.

- greendaisy, September 18, 2020

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