A Game of Life and Death

by Kiel Farren


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Great untraditional horror game!, April 18, 2014

Although I usually don't care for horror games that much, I did enjoy this game. My problem with horror most of the time is that the focus is on making it scary, rather than making it good. This game, depending on which course you take, can be really scary (albeit not terrifying), but no matter what you do, it is an interesting, suspenseful, action-filled game. I'm not a fan of gamebook-style games (also known as Choose Your Own Adventure), and that's one of my few complaints. I prefer the text-adventure style. I also wish there was a way to turn off pictures, which kind of destroy the reason that IF is greater than video games (in my opinion anyway); IF makes you use your imagination. Aside from that, though, the game is pretty good, and I'd recommend it.

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Andrew Schultz, April 18, 2014 - Reply
I like the use of pictures here. I felt they were unobtrusive and helped you remember and visualize what was in your inventory. But I agree that too much of them gets away from the point.

There's certainly no shortage of horror in text adventures, though, parser or not and this game manages to stake out new ground. I thought all 3 ChooseYourStory entries turned out respectable at the very least, which was better than I expected. (I would, however, like the option to use hotkeys to make a choice, because point & click drives me crazy & tabbing around the links is treacherous too.)
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