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I love IF from Adventure to Zork. (See what I did there? A to Z?) My favorite genres are probably sci-fi (such as 'Across The Stars' or 'Planetfall'), mystery (such as 'Deadline' and 'An Act of Murder'), adventure (such as 'Zork') and horror (such as 'The Act of Misdirection').

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Best sci-fi games - 68 votes for 36 games; created July 8, 2013
I'm looking for games from the sci-fi genre. I would prefer classic-style games, even if they're not classics (such as 'Across The...

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A Game of Life and Death, by Kiel Farren   April 18, 2014
"Although I usually don't care for horror games that much, I did enjoy this game. My problem with horror most of the time is that the..." - See the full review

Ballyhoo, by Jeff O'Neill   January 19, 2014
"I love Infocom. You really can't NOT love Infocom. Everybody knows about Zork. Everybody knows about Enchanter. Everybody knows about..." - See the full review

Mrs. Wobbles and the Tangerine House, by Mark Marino   November 28, 2013
"While it's not anything to write home about, this game holds you interest throughout. It's not great, but that's because it's designed..." - See the full review

Dad vs. Unicorn, by PaperBlurt   November 28, 2013
"As you might guess from the oddball title, this game makes no sense. Nothing that happens in the game makes sense. It's simply bizarre,..." - See the full review

Trapped in Time, by Simon Christiansen   November 28, 2013
"This sci-fi story is one of the more interesting ones I've played through. It really makes you think. It's kins of a mystery, but it..." - See the full review

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