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Maverick Hunter: Scandalous Mission

by Noah Si profile

Episode 5 of Maverick Hunter Series

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2 reviews

About the Story

This project is not endorsed by nor affiliated with Capcom, Sega and Nintendo in any way. All Mega Man X / Rockman X material including but not limited to game, characters, images, names, and music are (c) Capcom Co., Ltd. Creme de la Creme and its franchise is (c) Hannah Powell-Smith. No copyright infringements are intended, this is a project purely intended as an unofficial fan project to show our love and appreciation for the franchise.

How my project came about: This game is dedicated to Keiji Inafune, one of the major leaders of the Mega Man franchise, and Emily Short, one of the major leaders of the interactive fiction community. I still have hope for a future Mega Man X9. This project was my attempt to create a piece of interactive fiction based on the Mega Man X franchise and containing elements form Hannah P S's Creme series (and others to be determined). I felt that it was a good idea to promote both series at the same time. This was also inspired by the unreleased game "Rockman X Interactive", which in turn laid the foundations for Super Adventure Rockman, and the "Rockman X: Irregulars Report" novel.

Right now, the playable demo is not so much a demo as a proof of concept. This will progress very, very slowly though.

WARNING: As this is mainly a proof-of-concept, it is playable, but plenty of features, content and other stuff are yet to be properly implemented. Read at your own risk.

Why this was put on hold indefinitely: This project has never officially been abandoned; rather it is clearly a prototype for whatever the completed thing is, if I complete it at all. The current situation may be too stressful for me to do major updates.

What lessons can be learnt from this: I had wanted to jump on the bandwagon, but I made some of the common pitfalls:
- Creating an IF to get likes/numbers/interactions rather than just because it is your interest.
- Not getting the amount of interactions you expected from the get-go or not seeing it increase as much as you hoped.
- IF becoming more popular and the potentiality of your work being read by more people.
- Announcing a project before having planned or written part of the story.
- Promising mechanics or features without knowing whether it will possible/make sense/feasible to include it.
- Not setting expectations about the content of a project when announcing it (or soon after).
- Expecting too much from ourselves as creators.
- Believing their story isnít new enough.
- Starting an IF without having done any research about how to create one.
- Starting a big project without testing the waters of IF creation.
- Just making stuff up on the fly and throwing it on the board without thoroughly reviewing it.

I probably made some of these mistakes.

My decision to put this on the Bring out your Ghosts Jam was so that I could achieve the closure that I had hoped for so long, but also to let it out into the world for further feedback, as well as to test the market. This is also a gift to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Rockman/ Mega Man X. Here's to many more! If possible, I would like to continue with this project.

Game Details


Entrant - The Bare-Bones Jam

68th Place, Best in Show - The IF Short Games Showcase 2023


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It's never what you'd expect!, November 20, 2023
by manonamora
Related reviews: barebonesjam

I wasn't really sure what to expect, because I had no strong frame of reference for either IPs, I know of both but never played either. But the demo truly wasn't something I could have expected!

At the time of this review, the project is still in a demo/prototype stage, with uncoded variables or statement in passages or its strange ending. From what is there however, the mash up between IPs seems to work (or at least, from a non-informed player), hinting at a probably unserious approach in the future.

The game starts off with a more generic Ďget ready to fight some baddiesí moment, coupled with a bit of character creator. You get to pick your sidekick (if any) and who would will end up fighting. It is very important, your CO drills into your head, and very serious...

... aaaaaaand the demo shifts to a homage to Pick Up the Phone Booth and Die (and you die not matter what you pick, like in PUPBD). Getting to that end was surprising at first, but coming back to it again and again felt like it was intentional (or lack of time? not being able to continue the main story?). It's very silly, and going from a set and serious story to this made me laugh a lot.
I am unsure whether this end would actually fit the story planned, but I kind of hope it stays in the game if it ever updates. As an Easter Egg of sort.

Thanks for the good laugh!

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Unfinished choicescript crossover game, January 23, 2024
by MathBrush
Related reviews: less than 15 minutes

This game has some good potential in it, but is unfinished. It's the beginnings of a choicescript game mingling characters from Megaman X and Creme de la Creme, the choicescript game.

I hadn't played Megaman X but played the earlier megaman games, so that part wasn't too hard to follow. But it's been years since I played Creme de la Creme so I don't recognize the names off-hand; seeing what their characters look like or act like would have worked better for me.

I liked all the things built up around the game. If finished, I would probably give it around 4 ratings, but not all projects need to be finished. Great work needs a small series of 'aha' moments, which you can kind of force if you need to but are better left around. If nothing 'clicks' for the author with this concept, it would make sense to leave it alone. But it's definitely neat!

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