Maverick Hunter: Scandalous Mission

by Noah Si profile

Episode 5 of Maverick Hunter Series

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It's never what you'd expect!, November 20, 2023
by manonamora
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I wasn't really sure what to expect, because I had no strong frame of reference for either IPs, I know of both but never played either. But the demo truly wasn't something I could have expected!

At the time of this review, the project is still in a demo/prototype stage, with uncoded variables or statement in passages or its strange ending. From what is there however, the mash up between IPs seems to work (or at least, from a non-informed player), hinting at a probably unserious approach in the future.

The game starts off with a more generic ‘get ready to fight some baddies’ moment, coupled with a bit of character creator. You get to pick your sidekick (if any) and who would will end up fighting. It is very important, your CO drills into your head, and very serious...

... aaaaaaand the demo shifts to a homage to Pick Up the Phone Booth and Die (and you die not matter what you pick, like in PUPBD). Getting to that end was surprising at first, but coming back to it again and again felt like it was intentional (or lack of time? not being able to continue the main story?). It's very silly, and going from a set and serious story to this made me laugh a lot.
I am unsure whether this end would actually fit the story planned, but I kind of hope it stays in the game if it ever updates. As an Easter Egg of sort.

Thanks for the good laugh!

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