Ms. Terwilliger's Ring

by Henry Klotz


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Solid twine horror, April 28, 2020
by f-a

I give this 4 starts for the story, well narrated, dry enough not to be overwhelming, precise in its description. 2 stars for interactivity instead: it doesn't feel much of a game (bar from a choice towards the end) and much more of a (very) short story.

Since it is not long at all I recommend you to play it, as the author managed to convey the horror quite nicely.

Creepy and gripping, April 28, 2020

This one had me hooked. It is short but nicely written. The creepiness gradually builds up to a climax at the end. The content is very sad and makes you think about the horrors of the world. The premise suspends disbelief but it kept me interested all the same.

- E.K., March 6, 2017

- Nathaniel, February 27, 2017

- timsamoff (Southern California), February 27, 2017

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