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Stop at the first ending you get., May 29, 2024
by manonamora
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BEER is a relatively short Twine piece where two teenagers are trying to (illegally) buy some beer, discussing their plan to hopefully acquire the loot. And it doesn’t really go as they expect it . There multiple “endings”, with some only accessible through hidden links. I say “endings” because, if you are patient enough, you will end up getting stuck inside a trippy loop.

It’s pretty silly, starting with one of those teen adventures that may or may not end well. I haven’t really seen those in real life (cause we always had that one friend or sibling who was old enough to get us beer), but I’m sure it’s definitely a thing!

But then… you get these weird errors (fake, because Harlowe errors don’t look like that - except one later in a path), mentioning old Gods and a nudge at Greek Mythology (the Odysseus variable), as if those teens, oblivious to everything around them, stumbled into something they shouldn’t have (you may or may not die in one ending). Which… why? What does beer have to do with Gods? (or more what doesn’t xD)

Like many annoying games, this one also includes some timed elements, though it is to hide the truly nonsensical trippy, eye-maddening path (awful colour contrast/animated elements). It is completely disjointed from the main story…

Has some good, even for a deliberately bad game.

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