Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle

by David Dyte, Steve Bernard, Dan Shiovitz profile, Iain Merrick, Liza Daly profile, John Cater, Ola Sverre Bauge, J. Robinson Wheeler profile, Jon Blask profile, Dan Schmidt profile, Stephen Granade profile, Rob Noyes, and Emily Short profile


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A silly one-action game based on two earlier games, February 3, 2016

Pick up the Phone Booth and Aisle is mildly better than Pick up the Phone Booth and Die and not quite as good as Aisle. It is a parody game. Every action you perform results in some sort of ending.

Most of the endings are pretty funny. Some, though, like 'waylay', have some wildly inappropriate touches. This varied feel comes from the fact that it is a huge collaboration.

Only recommended if you enjoy parody games, such as the Mystery Science Theater 3000 games.

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