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Interactive Fiction by Liza Daly

Harmonia, by Liza Daly (2017)
(71 ratings)
Fuller, A. (b. 1966, d.?) 12 chapters, edited by E. Merchant. 091 Manuscripts—096 Illustrated—098 Prohibited works, forgeries, and hoaxes Signed permission from the Dean required for viewing. No...

First Draft of the Revolution, by Emily Short, Liza Daly and inkle (2012)
(55 ratings)
It is dangerous to deceive a husband of magic-using rank... Juliette has been banished for the summer to a village above Grenoble: a few Alpine houses, a deep lake, blue sky, and no society. Now...

Stone Harbor, by Liza Daly (2016)
(37 ratings)
You're good at what you do: tell tourists pretty lies about love, money, and life after death. That's what people want from a boardwalk psychic, and you deliver. It's not the future you imagined...

The Ballroom, by Liza Daly (2019)
(23 ratings)
You arrived at the ballroom well after midnight. The End.

Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle, by David Dyte, Steve Bernard, Dan Shiovitz, Iain Merrick, Liza Daly, John Cater, Ola Sverre Bauge, J. Robinson Wheeler, Jon Blask, Dan Schmidt, Stephen Granade, Rob Noyes, and Emily Short (2001)
(107 ratings)

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