The Revenge of Moriarty

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Fun Sherlock Holmes game with a little bit of guess-the-verb, October 1, 2020
by Denk
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This is a fun little game, which takes place in Sherlock Holmes' apartment. Professor Moriarty is out to get you, Sherlock. The game only has four locations. Still, it took me somewhere between 1 and 2 hours to complete it without hints, including a few guess the verb issues.

In the spirit of Sherlock Holmes, you will have to pay attention to details if you want to complete this game. I played the DAAD version using a c64-emulator. If you like Sherlock Holmes and parser games, I think you will like this. Quite fun!

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Gareth Pitchford, October 1, 2020 - Reply
I'm glad you got some enjoyment from it. :)

Revenge of Moriarty was one of the first games that I attempted to create back in the late 1980s... Despite repeated attempts my very na´ve design was pretty much unimplementable using the systems I had access to... It had far too many portable objects cluttering up the place for starters!

It was a fun experience to return to the game thirty years later to try and fashion those teenage notes into something that would actually work. It ended up being pretty much following the design document exactly in the end... so I'm going to blame my fourteen year old self for any failings. :)
Denk, October 1, 2020 - Reply
It is fun to see, how many modern IF authors were actually making games on 8-bit computers in their youth. I did it too. I made the c64-version of The Dragon Diamond as a teenager. It was extremely cruel and unforgiving. Many years later I rediscovered IF and decided to rewrite it so it was much more forgiving, and now I am addicted to IF :)
Gareth Pitchford, October 1, 2020 - Reply
Ah, I'm not an interactive fiction author... or indeed modern... I'm an old-fashioned text adventure guy, through and through. Unlike you, I don't have any ability with ADRIFT or Inform. I'm still basically using the same tools I was thirty years ago. But that's fine as I only really make things for my own personal amusement these days. Getting this one off the page and into an actual game was done as a favour to my teenage self. It's nice to go back and put a few full stops on unfinished projects.
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