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Wrote a bunch of games for the ZX Spectrum & Amstrad computers in the early 1990s. A fan of UK homeground adventures from that period.

Author of 'Twilight Inventory', a book collecting together reviews of forgotten 8-bit text adventures.

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Interactive Fiction by Gareth Pitchford

The Hoppit, by Gareth Pitchford (2018)
(2 ratings)
'Can you escape from the famous Goblin's dungeon?' This is a remake of original The Hoppit mini-adventure from Microfair Madness, remade using the Adventuron system.

Scout's Honour, by Gareth Pitchford (2018)
(1 rating)
'Ernie Spludge is excited... today is the day! Today is the day he will finally pluck up enough courage to ask his potential girlfriend Rosie out. He's come up with the perfect time to pop the...

The Revenge of Moriarty, by Gareth Pitchford (2019)
(1 rating)

You are the world's most famous detective. After your recent successes on the continent you could've retired and spent your time engaged in academic research. But for many years something has been...

The Search for the Nether Regions, by Gareth Pitchford (1994)
In the stereotypical magical kingdom of Kwargz, the peace and quiet had been shattered by the arrival of the evil orc-lord Beydm - a being with far too many consonants in his name! The orc-lord and...

A Troll's Revenge, by Gareth PitchfordCan you help retrieve the treasure stolen from the Cave of Magic? An Adventuron mini-adventuron. A Troll's Revenge was written as part of CaveJam 2019. The aim of the gamejam was to create an...

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