Games that have been adapted into books, films and other works

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A list of text adventures and other IF that were later adapted by their authors into novels, films and other works besides traditional IF.

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1. Grave Robber, by Andy McDermott (1999)
Strident says:

This 1999 Psion 5 text adventure provided the spark that led to the author writing a series of bestselling novels starting with 'The Hunt for Atlantis'. Netflix have the rights to make these into a TV show.

2. The Kingdom of Spelldome, by Adrian J. Owens (1985)
Strident says:

The setting of this 1985 Amstrad CPC text adventure has been used for Adrian J. Powell-Owens 'TALON - Kingdom of Spelldrome' series of novels.

3. For Pete's Sake, by Jonathan Scott and Stephen Boyd (1993)
Strident says:

Jonathan Scott's various ZX Spectrum games, published by Zenobi in the 1990s, served as the inspiration for his novella, 'A Brief Tale'.

4. Forgotten Island
by Unknown

Strident says:

Forgotten Island, a 1989 ZX Spectrum text adventure, inspired the author Raymond Johnson's 'Effluo Insula' series.

5. Italianate, by Andy McDermott (2022)
Strident says:

A 2022 Quilled text adventure for ZX Spectrum that the author has turned into a novella.

6. Murder in the Monastery, by Fender Tucker (1984)
Strident says:

This game by Fender Tucker/Knees Calhoon that has versions going back to 1984 for the C64 was later adapted into a novella 'Knees Calhoon's Midnight Ramble: Murder in the Monastery'; going full circle as the game itself was originally unofficially based on the novel 'In the Name of the Rose'.

7. Castle Darkholm
by Randy A. Cook

Strident says:

This was originally a TI-99/4A text adventure from 1990 powered by the Scott Adams system. In 2013 the author adapted it into the eGamebook listed here.

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