Eric the Unready

by Bob Bates

Fantasy , Humor

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- MKrone (Harsleben), April 26, 2011

- Walter Sandsquish, February 2, 2011

- lobespear, February 2, 2011

- Nikos Chantziaras (Greece), January 23, 2011

- Narcisse, November 26, 2010

- o0pyromancer0o, April 24, 2010

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Great, Great Game, April 1, 2010
by tggdan3 (Michigan)

First and foremost, if you don't have a copy of the instructions, you won't get far. The copy protection will see to that. That aside, this was a very funny game. Whether you're trying to rescue a pig from the bottom of an outhouse, or watching the evil knight laugh himself to death, or trying to use a magic ring- the semi-precious, which makes you semi-invisible, or trying to save the sex starved virgins from being sacrificed to the god of impacted wisdom teeth, or hearing Bones say "Dammit I'm a doctor, not a... well.. nevermind" when you tell him your arm hurts.

The game is full of puns on the scale of a Piers Anthony adventure, but it's all good hearted fun. Very forgiving and fun.

The game allows you to click on a list of nouns in the area, and has a compass with directions to travel, and each area has some graphics, actual graphics, not an ASCII representation.

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- Amy Kerns (Tucson, AZ), January 16, 2010

- Genjar (Finland), January 13, 2010

- Mastodon, March 26, 2009

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Fantasy parody in the spirit of Monty Python, January 11, 2009

Eric the Unready chronicles the adventures of a fumbling knight, a laughing stock of his peers, who accidentally gets assigned the task of saving the princess. Eric is not a very imaginative choice for the protagonist but the game fortunately manages to keep him in the "lovable loser" category as opposed to the "annoying twit" category that are very very close to each other.

The interface has several windows that are, among others, a compass rose, a picture of the location, an automap, a list of available commands and a list of objects in the location. The lists are not of much use to experienced players and can at times even be considered minor spoilers but they can be hidden from the view giving the text area more room.

The jokes vary between hit and miss, fortunately there are more hits than misses. References to popular culture and other games of the era abound. The humor and the game's world in its absurdness resembles Monty Python very much; influence from The Holy Grail is obvious.

Resemblance to Monty Python doesn't end with the humor. The gameplay is very episodic and after the player has finished with one set of puzzles in one location, he is transported into new location with a new set of puzzles. There's not much to tie the scenes together. While this is usually not considered the best design choice, it works here for the same reason it works for TV's sketch shows: the jokes don't have a chance to get old.

As the game was published in 1993 and has been out of print for many years now it might be hard to get your hands on it, but if you can find a copy it's definitely worth playing.

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- Mukeja, January 5, 2009

- Ghalev (Northern Appalachia, United States), December 31, 2008

- ensoul, December 27, 2008

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Legend, December 26, 2008
by P/o Prune (Denmark)
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It's been a while since I played Eric the Unready, but there is no doubt in my mind:
Eric the Unready is simply a classic, a MUST for anyone with the slightest sense of humor.
Eric the Unready of the medieval world: Whatever he does turns into a comical disaster. In this graphic adventure, you must help him find the kidnapped princess and escape the predicaments he manages to get involved in. This is by far the funniest adventure yet, spoofing TV shovs, movies, and other adventure games. Not for prudes.

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