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Threads of Snow

by Butter Blanc


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3 reviews

About the Story

Stars-crossed by time itself, will you still fight for your love as pure as snow?

You are unable to find sleep in the night, looking at your enchanting lover sleeping on your lap. Yet, in the secretive embrace of the night, you have confessions to make that will change the trajectory of your relationship forever, and ever, and ever.

- A beautiful protagonist who can only reveal the secrets of her heart during this most opportune time.
- 1k words full of lovestruck longing and sweet suffering, amounting to a playtime of 5-10 minutes.
- A heart that shatters for love, and persists because of it.

(If you are not satisfied with the end, will you keep traveling back in time for a different one? Or will you leave it entirely?)

Writing, Coding, GUI, Sprite Art: Butter Blanc†(twitter)

-with help from chattercap (twitter, tumblr, website), chimeriquement†(twitter, tumblr) and Helen†(twitter).
Background Art: Butter Blanc (with some CSP assets edited by Butter as well)

Music: Wingless Seraph

*Butter Notes*
Hi! <3†
I'm Butter Blanc, more commonly referred to as Butter! And this is the first game I have ever made as a new game dev! So I'm very happy with it and also so giddy to share it with you all! I do hope that you'll at least get to experience something with this little passion project of mine as it did with me!†
To all who believed in me while making this game (I remember you all and hold you dearly in my heart),†thank you so much for rooting for me and I hope I make you proud with this game!
To new players, let's get our hearts broken together shall we?†

Through a love that transcends time and dimensions,
May we find ourselves developing beautiful connections!†

This game was made for the O2A2 VN Jam 2023, a micro Visual Novel jam with strict asset limitations and a 1000 word limit.†

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Entrant - Single Choice Jam


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Member Reviews

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Number of Reviews: 3
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
A linear narrative of a time traveller in love, September 26, 2023
by MathBrush
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This game was entered in several minimal jams, including the Single Choice jam. It is the author's first game.

It's a visual novel with one main image of characters with slight variation. The writing is intense and earnest: you, a time traveller, have been stuck in a loop over and over again with one person at its focus: your love.

The image used is high-quality and is very stylized, more anime-style. The story reminds me of fanfic in its genre conventions.

Though this is in the single choice jam, there's not really any story choices, but it is rewritten in as a 'restart/quit' option, which I actually thought was pretty clever.

I think if there's anywhere this game could be improved, it's in specificity. Right now the writing could apply to almost any time travel seting and situation: it could be a WWII era drama set in France, a turn of the century New York tale, a futuristic sci-fi set in China. And the lover could be anyone; we meet with only tiny details that fit in every life, like grabbing a cup of coffee or going on the bus. Part of that is intentional and works, in that it could be read as a MC/reader fic that needs to be vague to allow you to insert yourself. On the other hand, those incidents could be expanded on; there could be conversations that were had; there could be specific incidents recalled that are unusual and remarkable. IDK, I felt like I went off on this a long time but only because I feel like this author actually has a lot of talent and so I'm kind of imagining a really good story that could be written by them, if there were some more concrete details in it.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Threads of Snow review, September 1, 2023
by EJ
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In this short visual novel, a time traveler resolves to leave her partner because she is distracting him from his true calling as a successful game developerófrom her experience of alternate timelines, she knows that his career would have taken off by now if he hadnít met her, and thus, for his own good, she must go. (He gets no say in the matter; the game does at least acknowledge that it might be selfishness on the PCís part to make this decision unilaterally.)

This is the creatorís first release, and they created every aspect of the game except the music, which is impressive. The art is lovely and well suited to the fantasy-romance focus, and the prose has a nice flow, although it returns to the same metaphors a little often. The soundtrackís melancholy music-box tune fits the mood well.

However, Threads of Snowís single choice is a glorified ďrestart or quit?Ē and I was unclear on whether it was meant to have any in-universe implications. If it was, they didnít really work for meóthe PC might be tempted to loop through this short moment again and again rather than move on, but the player has little incentive to do so.

I also think that I would feel the dilemma more keenly if the partnerís potential illustrious career was something that brought more concrete good to the world than game development, or even if it were an artistic career in a field that wasnít so notoriously grueling. The partnerís relationship with the PC really might bring him more happiness in the long run than a game dev career would, I suspect.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Monologue of recollection, August 23, 2023
by manonamora
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This small game is a kinetic visual novel, where, unable to find sleep, you confess your deepest secret to your resting (unconscious) lover. One that would probably freak out a lot of people if they were told - think speculative fiction trope meets romance.

Aside from the promised weather metaphors and alliterations, the game is essentially a monologue, recalling how the MC got to this point. One thing feels pretty murky: the MC might be a very selfish person for prioritising their feelings above the well being of her lover (as she knows what is to come) or this is a tragic groundhogs day tale where no one wins/breaks the cycle at the end.

At the end of it, neither the prose nor the visual* really grabbed me. It is still quite a feat for a first game to write this many words, and put up the visual and code it all though.
*I donít know if it was intentional, but the sprites were all pixelly during the page loadup.

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