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A booklet about the Lavori d'Aracne, a scrap of a design, and two letters, one of which is to be read after the game is completed.
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Walkthrough and map
by David Welbourn

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by Emily Short profile

Episode 1 of Lavori d'Aracne

About the Story

The beautiful life is always damned, they say. As for you, you've
overexpended yourself: fifteen years of prominence, champagne,
carriage rides in the Tuileries, having your name whispered behind
manicured hands, getting elegant ladies out of elegant fixes -
and you're in debt. Bound by oath and honor to a pack of scoundrels.
Your father, old peasant that he was, could have warned you against
their type.

Game Details

Language: English (en-US)
Current Version: 8
License: Freeware
Development System: Inform
Forgiveness Rating: Cruel
Baf's Guide ID: 1821
IFID: ZCODE-8-040205-6630
TUID: p0cizeb3kiwzlm2p

Off-Site Reviews

Gaming Enthusiast
Itís not a masterpiece, but a very enjoyable and memorable game nonetheless.
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Fait Accompli
This is, all in all, very Emily Short: clockwork and magic, affluent Rococo / Enlightenment scenery and pseudo-Continental setting, cheese, acerbic put-downs as parser responses, complex object code and the usual and inimitable tersely elegant turns of phrase. The central contraption in particular felt extremely Metamorphoses-esque; however, Savoir not only outdoes Metamorphoses in terms of scale, but also has a much more widespread and human touch, despite the lack of immediately present NPCs. The motivation changes subtly throughout the piece; initially, it appears to be just an old-skool grab-and-plunder, which then develops a recollection-of-past subtext: so far, so conventional. The nature of these memories adds a definite feeling of guilt to the indiscriminate raiding, though (I looked over my shoulder a couple of times before breaking the seal on the letter), as well as introducing the further motivation of finding out what happened to the house's residents.
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Savoir-Faire is an excellent game, featuring a strong sense of place, an innovative backstory & magic system, and a protagonist whose idiosyncrasies are charming in a way that reminds me of Varicella. (Daphne Brinkerhoff)

When a game comes out and patently calls itself old school, comparisons to some of the more popular Infocom classics and early shareware games will be drawn. So the question is, does Savoir-Faire succeed in replicating the old Infocom standard? As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't just succeed in replicating it; it's better in every respect I can think of while still maintaining the illusion that the game could have been created in Infocom's heyday. (Francesco Bova)
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