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Walkthrough and maps
Verbose walkthrough and maps by David Welbourn.
Salvaged Copy
The source files and a precompiled ZMachine storyfile of this adventure were recovered from a salvaged "Infocom hard drive", and made publicly available on GitHub in an effort to preserve them.

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by Brian Moriarty

Fantasy, Time Travel

About the Story

You're neither an adventurer nor a professional thrill-seeker. You're simply an American tourist in London, enjoying a relaxing stroll through the famous Kensington Gardens. When World War III starts and the city is vaporized moments after the story begins, you have no hope of survival.

Unless you enter another time, another place, another dimension.

Escaping the destruction of London is not the end of your problems, but rather the beginning of new, more bizarre riddles. You'll find yourself in an exotic world teeming with giant fly traps, strange creatures, and other inconveniences. Time and space will behave with their own intricate and mischievous logic. You'll visit fantastic places and acquire curious objects as you seek to discover the logic behind your newfound universe.

And if you can figure out the patter of events, you'll wind up in the New Mexico desert, minutes before the culmination of the greatest scientific experiment of all time: the world's first atomic explosion, code-named Trinity.

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Off-Site Reviews

Adventure Classic Gaming

Though there is not much of a story in Trinity, there is a strong ambience. There is no plot to drive you on through the game, just your own curiosity and the challenge of the puzzles. The hole that is supposedly filled by a story is instead occupied by a message, maybe just a feeling. Strangely, it seems that if you play the game well and solve the puzzles without dying or fumbling about too much, then you may actually miss the significance of a site and thus miss out a chunk of that message.
-- David Tanguay
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Gaming Enthusiast
The game is quite though-provoking without shoving the message right into your face. What’s more, it’s well-written, entertaining and with hard, but rewarding puzzles.
-- Toddziak
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Trinity has something for everyone: it's not too hard for novices, but is well-suited for experienced adventurers as well. It is exciting, engrossing, well-written, and, unlike too many other works of interactive fiction, lives up to the hype.
-- Matthew Amster

The plot revolves around the stages of development and construction of the atomic weapons used to destroy you in the game's opening. Eventually, if you are clever and utilize all of your brain cells to their utmost, you might get the chance to go back in time and change history for the better. The ending of this game is in my opinion truly spectacular, a fitting reward for the amount of work you'll have to put in.
-- Molley the Mage
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When I first played Trinity two years ago I got completely absorbed in Brian Moriarty's story and rated it the very best of the ten Infocom titles I'd then seen. I've since played it twice more and on each occasion I found that it had lost none of its original appeal. Having now worked my way through all the Infocom adventures available on the ST I can honestly say that it is one of my three favourites. If you haven't played it then you've got a real treat in store. If you have, why not dust it off and take another look - you won't be disappointed.
-- Neil Shipman
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