Story file
Post-comp release
For all systems. To play, you'll need a glulx interpreter - visit Brass Lantern for download links.
Story file
Ifcomp release.
For all systems. To play, you'll need a glulx interpreter - visit Brass Lantern for download links.

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by Katherine Morayati (as Amelia Pinnolla)


Web Site

About the Story

You are battle-weary. Your armor is scanty and your countenance is loathsome; you tire of the swords flicking at your neck. But you have a duty. There is nothing you can't take.

(Content warning: Violence, implied adult themes, fameballs.)

Game Details

Language: English (en)
First Publication Date: October 1, 2016
Current Version: 2
License: Freeware
Development System: Inform
IFID: 7ED92DE7-E219-4421-BE8B-445ED1D01712
TUID: 4btr90e7opazl24d

Off-Site Reviews

The Breakfast Review
I kind of get the sense that there's some sort of social commentary involved here, or that can be made. Maybe I'm overthinking things; but then, a game with no proper "win" state--or rather, one where the only way to win is to put oneself in the shoes of the person to whom we lost--must surely be trying to say something, right? Something about people who are meant to lose and people who are meant to win, and what it's like to be in the shoes of the designated loser? I don't know. I'll just say that it was interesting to spend a few minutes walking around in this story, with the whole thing unfolding around me.
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Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling
Games on hard topics
Nothing is private. Everything occurs in public, to be commented on and reviewed later. You simultaneously have a reputation and no friends; devastating loneliness and an audience of thousands. Your “combat” scene is being reported to your opponent’s friends, so you can be mocked and criticized. There is no affection between the participants, no trust or good humor. (I don’t call them “partners” because they definitely are not.) The rules of engagement are rigged in a gendered way. By having sex at all, the woman is construed to have lost; she is the one who has to deal with any physical repercussions and any social stigma.

I wish that the design were such that more people saw what TAKE is doing. It can be rather obscure. But with that understood, I have huge respect for a piece that can combine that much rawly-felt emotion with such exact observations, together with mechanics that also tell part of the story. It’s brave and devastating, with some of the best prose in this year’s competition.

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