Ectocomp 2011

The 5th annual Hallowe'en speed-IF competition. Entries are all written in 3 hours or less. Traditionally an ADRIFT-only event, 2011 is notable for being the first Ectocomp to allow non-ADRIFT entries.

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Series: Ectocomp

Organizer(s): Duncan Bowsman profile

Judge(s): DCBSupafly profile, Mel S, Sean M. Shore, E. Joyce, Martin Barth

Award date: December 2, 2011

Qualification opening date: October 31, 2011

Qualification closing date: November 30, 2011


Ectocomp 2011 voting has finished. The competition page has been updated to reflect rankings.
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Games and Awards

1st Place: Bloodless on the Orient Express, by Hannes Schueller
2nd Place: Attack of Doc Lobster's Mutant Menagerie of Horror, by Duncan Bowsman
3rd Place: Blue, by Marius Müller
3rd Place: Death Shack, by Mel S
4th Place: Ignis Fatuus, by DCBSupafly
5th Place: Dash Slapney and the Calamitous Candy Corn Cornucopia, by Andrew Schultz
6th Place: Dark Deeds, by Justahack
6th Place: The House, by Finn Rosenlĝv
7th Place: Hungry, by Richard Otter
8th Place: Stuck Piggy, by Mike Desert

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