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Interactive Fiction by DCBSupafly

Mangiasaur, by DCBSupafly (2011)
(9 ratings)

You are a young dinosaur-like monster who needs to eat everything in sight so you can grow big & strong, gain special powers, and ultimately rule over a tribe of puny humans.

Give Me Your Lunch Money, by DCBSupafly (2009)
(4 ratings)

PLOT You're an 8 year-old inventor, carrying nothing, and the end-of-classes bell has just rung at your school. You're eager to finish the model fortress you've been constructing at the nearby...

Pete's Punkin Junkinator, by DCBSupafly (2010)
(2 ratings)

For months you have looked forward to exercising your invention, the Universal Insta-grow Punkin Junkinator. Find stuff to put into the machine and crank out instant, amazing jack-o'-lanterns to...

Ignis Fatuus, by DCBSupafly (2011)
(4 ratings)

Written for Ectocomp 2011.

Beythilda the Night Witch, by DCBSupafly (2012)
(3 ratings)

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Reviews by DCBSupafly

Gun Mute, by C.E.J. Pacian   February 6, 2012
"I'm a big fan of gameplay based on explicit gimmicks. Sure helps with GTV. Gun Mute's title says it all. You will shoot your way through..." - See the full review

The Binary, by Bloomengine   February 6, 2012
"I had a great time with the Binary. A game with inherent (forced?) replay value, it was a delight to play through to completion. With no..." - See the full review

I Was a Teenage Headless Experiment, by Duncan Bowsman   February 1, 2012
"This piece is one of my favorite IF works ever. It's quick but carefully full-featured considering it's speed IF. Puzzles are original..." - See the full review

Everybody Dies, by Jim Munroe   February 1, 2012
"Author Jim & Illustrator Michael have gone to great lengths to make Everybody Dies an enjoyable experience for anyone across the (wide)..." - See the full review