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Interactive Fiction by Peter Nepstad

1893: A World's Fair Mystery, by Peter Nepstad (2002)
(19 ratings)
A theft on the fairgrounds! Precious diamonds stolen from the Kimberly Diamond Mining Exhibit! An urgent telegram from your old partner arrives, requesting your help to solve the mystery. How can...

Ecdysis, by Peter Nepstad (2007)
(79 ratings)
You wake, a pounding headache loud in your inner ear, the back of your head itching and tingling, your mouth full of cotton. The pain drives away your dreams, weird visions of alien landscapes......

The Ebb and Flow of the Tide, by Peter Nepstad (2006)
(13 ratings)
You have done a horrible thing, so horrible that burial will be denied you, either in soil or sea, neither can there be any hell for you. You wait for some hours, knowing this. Then your friends...

The Journey of the King, by Peter Nepstad (2006)
(4 ratings)
"The King goeth upon a journey with many horses, yet riding upon none, when the pomp of travelling shall be heard in the streets and the sound of the lute and the drum and the name of the King. And...

Slap That Fish, by Peter Nepstad (2007)
(29 ratings)
This time, those fishy bastards are finally going to get what's coming to them.

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