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Sequitur, by Nigel Jayne (as Tin Foil Jenny)   July 11, 2019
"Sequitur is a CSI tech game with a unique feel. You play as Detective Stephen Cochone, investigating several mysterious deaths that..." - See the full review

Exhibition, by Ian Finley   July 6, 2019
"The setting is the final exhibition of the artist Anatoly Domokov, following his suicide. You select one of four characters attending the..." - See the full review

Trials of the Thief-Taker, by Joey Jones   December 12, 2018
"I really enjoyed Trials of the Thief-Taker. It's probably the first ChoiceScript game I've been engaged by and replayed several times. I..." - See the full review

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The Wizard Sniffer, by Buster Hudson
The Dragon Diamond, by Kenneth Pedersen
The Hunting Lodge, by Hulk Handsome
The Rats in the Bulkheads, by Bruno Dias
Everybody Loves a Parade, by Cody Sandifer

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I Contain Multitudes, by Wonaglot
Crocodracula: The Beginning, by Ryan Veeder and Harrison Gerard
Captivity, by Jim Aikin
Mean Mother Trucker, by Bitter Karella
Stuff of Legend, by Lance Campbell

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