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You can buy Leadlight Gamma DRM-free at itch.​io: https://wade-clarke.​itch.​io

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Leadlight Gamma

by Wade Clarke profile


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About the Story

15-year-old Belinda Nettle is studying at Linville Girls High School in Australia's Blue Mountains. After falling asleep in the library one afternoon, she wakes from her mundane existence into a nightmare. Her classmates are transformed, nameless terrors seek her out across the schoolgrounds, and traps and tricks threaten her life at every turn.

Can you help Belinda survive this terror-filled night and solve its mysteries? And will there be a new day?

Leadlight Gamma is a Glulx port of Wade Clarke's 2010 survival horror / interactive fiction / retrocoded combat RPG adventure Leadlight. Leadlight Gamma brings the game to modern platforms with new features, content and accessibility. At its core is a faithful port of the 8-bit Apple II version of Leadlight, meaning a game played in one version can be compared to a game played in the other.

Features new to Leadlight Gamma include:

- A graphic automap and customisable game interface
- Playalong tutorial mode
- Unlockable extra content, behind-the-scenes tour mode and easter eggs
- Gallery of artworks from the original Leadlight
- Original soundtrack and in-game music player (music also downloadable separately)
- Accessibility mode for vision-impaired players. Leadlight Gamma has a screen reader mode (not yet supported on Macs) and includes text descriptions of all standalone images (all platforms)
- Complete reference manual available in-game
- Game is desktop-friendly and also iDevice-friendly (via the Frotz app)

Game Details


The end of 2019 saw a new release of the Gargoyle IF interpreter after an approximately eight year gap. That was double good news for Leadlight Gamma: It finally brought text to speech support to Macs, at least those running MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later, and it made sure the game would run on MacOS 10.15 (Catalina).
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For awhile it couldn't be played on macOS Sierra (10.12) but that hurdle has been overcome too. So now you can play on Mac, Windows, Linux, and – via the iFrotz app – iPads and iPhones. All the game's downloads have been refreshed at itch.io
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1. First, at the risk of stating the obvious, you have to have purchased the game on itch.io
2. If you don't have the free Frotz app on your device already, go to the iTunes store and download it
3. ON YOUR DEVICE, open Safari and go to the Leadlight Gamma page on itch.io (if you’re not already there). At the top of the page, click the DOWNLOAD link to reveal all downloadable files for the game
4. Tap the DOWNLOAD button next to the file LEADLIGHT-GAMMA-M.GBLORB on this page (The M stands for 'mobile')
5. After a short pause, Safari will show an icon for the file under a link saying Open in "Frotz". Tap on this link
6. Frotz will download the game and the game will start. In future, just open Frotz to play
...7. Want to get the hint sheet on your iDevice too? You can store a PDF of the hint sheet using the iBooks app. Tap the DOWNLOAD button next to the file LEADLIGHT-HINTS.PDF ​on the downloads page in Safari. When the sheet appears for the first time, tap near the top of the document in the browser window and choose Open in iBooks. The document will be saved there

+ Most of the above steps are also applicable to any Inform game you want to play on Frotz.
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Editorial Reviews

Adventure Gamers

Leadlight Gamma is a solidly fun game. Yes, the combat is too repetitive, and can make replaying the game more tedious than it needs to be. And the soundtrack feels superfluous and inaccessible, when it could have been integrated into the gameplay itself. But overall the terse, stylised prose and the delightfully gruesome setting sets the stage for an enjoyable horror game of ridiculous deaths and well-designed puzzles. If you're in the mood for an accessible retro text adventure-RPG hybrid that will amuse you for a good few hours, then definitely pick it up.
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Gamerz Unite

Verdict: BUY!
Overall Score: 7/10

Overall, the game is a text adventure win in my book, especially for $4.00. If you're a fan of old-school text adventure games, Leadlight Gamma is surely recommended. You'll receive a creative horror story stuffed with puzzles, surprises, and tons of varied death.
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Suspiriesque, April 16, 2015
by Caleb Wilson (Illinois)

I played the original Leadlight for a only a few minutes; I don't really like playing games on an emulator. (Why? I don't know.) But the premise of the game -- Dario Argento meets Crowther and Woods -- was always interesting to me. I'm also really happy to see more people selling IF as if, hmm, their work is actually worth something!

This version of Leadlight is sort of an interesting hybrid: the two-word parser and simple gameplay are faithful to the original, while the presentation is slick and modern (for IF), with a map, a music player and, after you've won, unlockable content.

The story is, I would say, heavily inspired by the movie Suspiria, though the terse writing style gives it its own flavor. (Spoiler - click to show)There are both puzzles and "secrets" (the latter being mostly non-essential interactions that provide flavor, backstory, or a bit of fun) which, after I figured out the two-word idiom of the game, came mostly pretty easily -- I was stumped for a few days at the very end, then sat down and figured it out in a rush. There are also "death traps," which are sometimes hard or impossible to see coming; you can automatically undo from these deaths but it will cost you points at the end, so they are basically there to give the player a reason to play again and try for a perfect score. You will probably have to get in the right mood to enjoy the old-school feel of the whole thing -- I did, and did. The old-school text adventure vibe helps make the horrific content more palatable: I wouldn't really want to play this as a 3d graphical game, or probably even as a more lushly written text game.

The extra features: the map was a nice inclusion. The landscape is more sprawling than your average piece of IF these days, and it comes in handy. I didn't figure out how to use the music player until the very end, but it was a cool addition. I also liked the save-slot feature.

I hope this sells well.

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