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Plundered Hearts
by Amy Briggs
(58 ratings)

Pirate Adventure
by Scott Adams and Alexis Adams
(34 ratings)

The Legend of Lady Magaidh, by Daniel Freas (2003)
(5 ratings)

And the Waves Choke the Wind
by Gunther Schmidl
(7 ratings)

The Daring Mermaid Expedition
by Andrea Phillips
(3 ratings)

The Pirate's Cave, by Margaret Anderson (1992)
(2 ratings)

Buccaneer!, by Pat Hurst (1987)
(1 rating)

Treasure Island, by Margaret Anderson (1992)
(2 ratings)

Pirate Island
by David Meny
(1 rating)

A scurvy gift for Bosn Chuck, by J. Robinson Wheeler (2000)
(3 ratings)

Aventura Pirata
by Mauricio Diaz Garcia and Scott Adams
(1 rating)

Seas of Blood
by Mike Woodroffe and Alan Cox
(1 rating)

Sea Captains, by Lyssa Penn (2003)
(2 ratings)

R (Pron: Arrr...)
by therealeasterbunny
(11 ratings)

Pirateer 2: El Joven Hayes, by Francisco Javier Peinado (1998)

Piratenabenteuer (Pirate Adventure), by Scott Adams, Alexis Adams, Christian Bluemke (2004)

The Pirates' Treasure Hunt, by Delton T. Horn (1984)

Pirating, by Erica Sadun (1993)

Return to Pirate's Island 2, by Scott Adams (2000)

Return to Pirate's Isle
by Scott Adams

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