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The Count
by Scott Adams
(21 ratings)

The Horror of Rylvania, by D. A. Leary (1993)
(8 ratings)

by Rod Pike
(6 ratings)

by Antonio Antiochia
(4 ratings)

Dracula's Chateau, by Paul Braun (2003)
(3 ratings)

The Night of the Vampire Bunnies
by Jason Dyer
(3 ratings)

Dracula - Prince of Darkness (formerly "House of the Midnight Sun"), by Paul T. Johnson (2002)
(2 ratings)

Castle of Terror, by Graeme Willis (1984)
(3 ratings)

Revenge of the Toothless Vampire
by Steve W. Lucas
(1 rating)

Dracula Episode 2: The Arrival
by Mapache, Rod Pike, El Clérigo Urbatain
(2 ratings)

Chateau Le Mont, by Paul Allen Panks (2002)
(1 rating)

Count Dracula's Castle, by Robert Parker (1993)
(1 rating)

Annoyed Undead, by Roger Ostrander (1999)
(6 ratings)

Strangers in the Night, by Rich Pizor (1999)
(2 ratings)

B-venture, by Paul Allen Panks (2004)

The Crimson Crown, by Antonio Antiochia (1985)

Dark Forest 2, by Paul Allen Panks (2003)

Dracula Avontuur, by R. van Woensel (1982)

Dracula II, by Mario Moeller (1987)

Dracula's Castle, by Al, Jr. Staffieri (1987)

Gory Story, by Philip Richmond (1992)

Halite, by Paul Allen Panks (2003)

Lair of the Vampire, by David Whyld (2002)

Mark... of the Vampire!, by Paul Allen Panks (2003)

Tamoret, by Michael J. Lyons (1988)

Tomb of the Vampire, by William Trent and Matthew Grayson (1988)

Transylvania II: The Crimson Crown, by Antonio Antiochia (1985)

Transylvania III: Vanquish the Night
by Antonio Antiochia, Veronika Slintak

Vampyre Hunter, by Marc Sugiyama (1986)