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Sheep Crossing
by Andrew Geng
(14 ratings)

Arcadia: a Pastoral Tale
by Jonas Kyratzes
(3 ratings)

The Bible Retold: The Lost Sheep, by Ben Pennington (2010)
(18 ratings)

Black River Alpha, by Slap Chop (2012)
(1 rating)

Black Sheep
by Nic Barkdull and Matt Borgard
(9 ratings)

Black Sheep's Gold, by Driftingon (2003)

The Book and Devil's Altar, by ninjapitka (2021)
(6 ratings)

Book of the Dead
by Mark Davies, Andrew Dean, Lee Hodgson
(3 ratings)

by Ellen Cooper
(4 ratings)

Demongate, by Hoyle Purvis (1991)
(3 ratings)

Downtown Tokyo, Present Day, by John Kean (1998)
(25 ratings)

Hey, I'm Supposed to be Free Range, by Anonymous (1998)
(5 ratings)

I'm Sorry, I Didn't Know, by Rebecca Zheng (2020)
(1 rating)

Main Course, by Quantum Sheep,quantumsheep (2008)

Main Course - Director's Cut
by Quantum Sheep, quantumsheep

Main Course - The Retro Cut
by Quantum Sheep,quantumsheep

The Quest for the Lost Sheep, by Sneeze (2010)
(3 ratings)

Rimworld, by Russel A. Duderstadt (1985)
(2 ratings)

Rubicon Street, by J.D. (2012)

Seance, by Quantum Sheep,quantumsheep (2008)

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