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The Hero Unmasked!, by Christopher Huang
Average member rating: (3 ratings)

What's this? Front and center on the main shelf of your local comic store sits the full series of the "Hero Unmasked!" storyline from The Swashbuckler! The first three issues are even free to read! You know...

Heroes of Myth, by Abigail C. Trevor
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Average member rating: (3 ratings)

Everyone thinks you saved the world three years ago. It was all a lie. The truth is, the "dark lord" you and your friends supposedly slew never existed; you used magical illusions to fake a prophecy. But...

Heroes Rise: HeroFall, by Zachary Sergi
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Average member rating: (6 ratings)

Would a hero like you assassinate the president of the United States to defend the right to be Powered? As the corrupt President Victon launches his oppressive campaign of Powered Regulation, your Legendary...

Heroes Rise: The Hero Project, by Zachary Sergi
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Average member rating: (8 ratings)

As a contestant on “The Hero Project,” you’ll battle villains and heroes alike with your newly discovered “Infini” powers. Will you vote to eliminate your rivals, or betray your alliance to curry favor with...

Heroes Rise: The Prodigy, by Zachary Sergi
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Average member rating: (3 ratings)

Do you have what it takes to become a legendary Powered hero? In Heroes Rise, Powered heroes have become the ultimate celebrities, and you dream of joining the A-list–but to get there, you'll first have to...

Hidden Gems, Hidden Secrets, by Naomi Norbez & Josh Grams
Average member rating: (5 ratings)

The members of the Hidden Gems Of Poetry Group are close. Even the move from internet forum to web server can't break their bond. But heartbreaking news could mean the end of things as they know it. A short...

Average member rating: (19 ratings)

designed last minute for a live performance played for a crowd while they shouted out decisions more info (archived):

High Jinnks, by M. Nite Chamberlain
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Average member rating: (13 ratings)

You're a jinni whose only talent is petty magic tricks. And now you're looking for a way home, accompanied by possibly the most infuriating human to have walked this earth, and trying to avoid getting...

Highlands, Deep Waters, by Fernando B. Neves and Lucas Zaper
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Average member rating: (4 ratings)

While investigating a murder in a small Scottish town, you’ll find yourself embroiled in a world of secrets, cultists, and abyssal horror. What are you willing to do to solve the case? And what will you do...

The Hole Man, by E.Z. Poschman
Average member rating: (4 ratings)

You’ve had your identity stolen — your WHOLE identity, body and all! But there’s a lot of friendly folks in this surreal world that might be willing to let you have their identity, if that’s what you really...

Holography, by Emily Short

The king died and then the queen died of grief.

Homebound, by Troy Atkinson, Luke Holdstock, Harriet Slee, Lizzi Osborne
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Average member rating: (3 ratings)

Homebound is a game about making choices and managing your well-being while in lockdown, inspired by Reigns from Nerial. The choices you make will craft your story while affecting your happiness, energy, and...

Horse Master, by Tom McHenry
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Average member rating: (79 ratings)

The Game of Horse Mastery

HOURS, by aidanvoidout
Average member rating: (11 ratings)

Go on a short adventure to assassinate a tyrannical ruler, and maybe you'll learn something along the way.

How it was then and how it is now, by Pseudavid
Average member rating: (10 ratings)

Who would be asked to travel to the center of an apocalypse? Two smart people walking to the center of many disasters, including the disaster they made for themselves.

How the monsters appeared in the Wasteland, by V Dobranov
Average member rating: (9 ratings)

“Moog, a new run! Quit fiddling with your irons and charge the batteries!” A printout of the waybill flutters down next to the big magnet I’m lying under. Releasing the wrench, which immediately sticks to...

howling dogs, by Porpentine
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Average member rating: (116 ratings)

death cube sim | galactic survey | visionatrix | facet machine | power gardens | women | fascination two significant endings

Human Errors, by Katherine Morayati
Average member rating: (15 ratings)

A contractor assigned to handle bug reports for a wearable mood-regulation device becomes unwitting witness to trauma and crime.

I Should Have Been That I Am, by E. K. Wagner
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Average member rating: (12 ratings)

You're a bot, dealing cards in Vegas casinos. You live in a black and white world, an either-or world. Until now.

I Told You This Was A Bad Idea, by Jessica Padkin
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Average member rating: (3 ratings)

The Terminal seems to be frustrated with you, but you don't remember a thing. Despite the Terminal's limited ability to understand you, you must attempt to ask the right questions in an effort to find out...

I wish I had not played this game, by Galejade - Elise Trinh
Average member rating: (6 ratings)

A brief interactive fiction about a flawed game, past and regrets. Not so much gameplay, more of a textual/emotional experience. This IF has been made during The Arbitrary Game Jam in May 2014.

i wish you were dead., by Sofía Abarca
Average member rating: (13 ratings)

you can’t take the burden of it anymore, no matter how strong your love is for her. but how do you tell the person you love that you can’t – or won’t – love them anymore?...

I'm better, by Jeremy Lonien
Average member rating: (1 rating)

on white lies and self-delusion

I, Cyborg, by Tracy Canfield
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Average member rating: (3 ratings)

Outfly, outshoot, and outwit your enemies as an outlaw cyborg on the run! You're a cyborg copy of Ypsilanti Rowe, the interstellar outlaw, whose enemies (and exes) are gunning for you. Can you upgrade your...

I-0, by Anonymous
Average member rating: (154 ratings)

Stranded on Interstate Zero after your car broke down, you are miles away from the last sign of civilization. It's twenty minutes to noon and the temperature is well over 120°F. It's beginning to look like...

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