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H. P. Lovecraft Commonplace Book Project

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Ecdysis, by Peter Nepstad

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Robbed of the "Best In Show" award, March 14, 2008
A shot of pure Lovecraftian horror. Unlike the disappointing Dead Cities, this entry in the Commonplace Book Project maintains the creeping dread perfectly from beginning to end. No jarring implementation issues or intrusive default parser responses, no aimless undirected wandering, Ecdysis is short, sharp, and perfectly formed. There are multiple endings, all suitably Lovecraftian.

Dead Cities, by Jon Ingold

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Nice interface, shame about the game, March 14, 2008
The bells and whistles added to the standard text interface are all very impressive, and the central Lovecraft-inspired tale it supports starts off well, but once you get into Arkwright's study any "creeping dread" the story has built up dissipates into a ridiculous comical book-chase and an action-adventure plot that really doesn't feel Lovecraftian at all.

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