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Flowers for Algernon, by Anonymous

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Very short pun-style game, November 28, 2008
by Kake (London, England)
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This is a very short, one-room game. It's essentially the IF equivalent of a pun - even if you do manage to figure out the single puzzle, you'll end up groaning rather than laughing. If you like that sort of joke, you'll like this.

Photopia, by Adam Cadre

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Excellent story-driven piece, November 9, 2007
by Kake (London, England)
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I really liked this one. The juxtaposition of the two storylines, the non-linear time progression, the use of different voices all excellent.

The main story is a moving one; but the moment that I felt was the strongest, in the sense that it made me stop and go "oh wow, oh wow, oh wow", actually occurred in the story-within-a-story. It was a small thing, but it really got across one of the reasons why I should care deeply about the main character.

Shrapnel, by Adam Cadre

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A story perfectly suited to its medium., November 7, 2007
by Kake (London, England)
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To give some context here, the main attraction of IF for me is the storytelling - I enjoy the odd puzzle, but not half as much as a well-told story. The storyline of Shrapnel is interesting but not ground-breaking; Shrapnel's strength lies in its medium. The choice of IF over paper and ink pulled me forcefully into a narrative that I might normally have dismissed as "not my thing". Moreover, it's a story that I plan to read again, or at least skim.

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