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9:05, by Adam Cadre

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Slice of Life... With a Twist!, April 4, 2016
by PDearmore (Central New York)
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9:05 is essentially a puzzle-less game in which you can play through a few different ways to experience a slice of life from a few different angles. I'm not usually one to play a game through after reaching the end, but this piece is short, and replaying it seems like almost the entire point (you'll only see what I mean once you have tried it). With that being said, there's not really a satisfying ending. I kept looking for ways to "win" but there were only other paths you could take--the most interesting one being the path that you probably took in the first place.

9:05 is the first piece of IF from Adam Cadre that I can remember playing. Not that I've been purposefully avoiding his stuff--it just happens that I haven't gotten to it yet. I will definitely check out his other stuff--I see quite a few games out there.

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