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long games for beginners - 16 votes for 9 games; created March 31, 2023
A poll by Cygnus
so… you know how savior fair is long and awesome, but also, like, complicated? and.. cruel, as the ratings out it? I think the first...

Massive puzzlers that are not cruel - 12 votes for 6 games; created May 29, 2022
A poll by deathbytroggles
I am looking for massive puzzle games (think Curses, Mulldoon Legacy) where the game can never be put in an unwinnable situation that...

Games with complex conversations - 11 votes for 8 games; created November 30, 2021
A poll by OverThinking
I'm looking for games with complex NPCs who are able to have in-depth conversations, especially if conversation options change based on...

Highly atmospheric and immersive games - 31 votes for 20 games; created November 14, 2021
A poll by Cryptic Puffin
I'm looking for games with effective use of location, language, etc. to really immerse you in the locale and the story, no matter the...

I Am You: Games involving possession of another character - 15 votes for 9 games; created December 14, 2018
A poll by Spike
Three games I've played in the past couple of months have featured the PC's ability to possess other characters as a primary or secondary...

The great puzzlefests - 120 votes for 50 games; created August 9, 2018
A poll by Victor Gijsbers
Playing Curses!, I started wondering which games belong to the canon of great puzzlefests. With this term I mean puzzle based games that...

Canonicity and IF - 223 votes for 52 games; created July 27, 2017
A poll by juliaofbath
I'm interested in determining whether or not a clear canon has emerged within the world of IF/hypertext. Of course, there is a clear...

Best cover art - 65 votes for 44 games; created June 17, 2017
A poll by MathBrush
What games have really good cover art?

Dynamic open world IFs - 30 votes for 18 games; created October 3, 2016
A poll by Natrium729
I'm looking for good "open world" IFs, that is, IFs where the player can just wander and explore the world without necessarily following...

Games about strange and wonderful plants - 30 votes for 17 games; created June 26, 2016
A poll by verityvirtue

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