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games with cooking - 25 votes for 13 games; created February 13, 2021
A poll by jlvp1234
I'm looking for games with cooking. ever since I have played gourmet and, gourmet version1, wich is the same, I have also played you got...

Non-human Perspectives - 76 votes for 33 games; created March 18, 2014
A poll by Rhetta_Lynnea
I'm looking for IF narrated by aliens, animals, anything.

Oh, You BEAST: Games where you're an animal! - 45 votes for 28 games; created August 6, 2009
A poll by Ghalev
I know of a small handful of games where you play a beast, and I want to know of more. (By beast I mean a cat, a dog, a chicken, an...

Great treasure hunt games - 30 votes for 18 games; created January 1, 2009
A poll by Molly
Good treasure hunting games in the vein of Zork and Adventure, although they may not necessarily be set in caves.

1-4 of 4