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Hi, I'm Tigrita! I'm pretty new to IF, being too young to remember when it was the cutting edge of technology, but I'm having fun learning about it. I mostly prefer story based IF over puzzle based, seeing as I'm never very good at the puzzles. ;)

Interactive Fiction by Rhetta_Lynnea

T-Shirt Blanket, by Rhetta Lynnea (2017)
(3 ratings)

You're making a blanket out of old t-shirts, and some of them are bringing back memories...

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Non-human Perspectives - 76 votes for 33 games; created March 18, 2014
I'm looking for IF narrated by aliens, animals, anything.

Australian Setting or Characters - 21 votes for 13 games; created May 31, 2013
I've played several good games with Aussie characters or setting, and I was wondering if there are any others. It doesn't have to be the...

Reviews by Rhetta_Lynnea

Atopoesis, by Stephen Lavelle   March 18, 2014
"Not really a review, just pointing out a bug or two. When you go south and try to examine or take the chest, it prints an ellipsis..." - See the full review

20 Strokes, by PaperBlurt   March 17, 2014
"I gave this 3 stars not because there are any problems, but because there's not really much substance. However, it's a fun little..." - See the full review

Interactive Fiction Player, by Charlie Marcou   March 30, 2013
"It's a clean enough little game, although the capitalization is a bit funky. It'll take you less than a minute, though; there really..." - See the full review

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Coloratura, by Lynnea Glasser
Interactive Fiction Player, by Charlie Marcou
A Day for Fresh Sushi, by Emily Short
Violet, by Jeremy Freese
Shade, by Andrew Plotkin

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Invisible Parties, by Sam Kabo Ashwell (as Psychopup)
Delusions, by C. E. Forman
Kotodama, by Aidan Doyle
Before the Storm Hits, by JY Yang
Awake, by Josh Giesbrecht (as joshg)

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