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My List Of Most Fun Games Ever - 29 items   May 16, 2011
A list by Rotonoto
(in purely alphabetical order)

Best games ever - 1 item   April 10, 2011
A list by Grueslayer
Best games ever

Hard puzzle and dungeon games, Zork I, II, and III - 2 items   March 5, 2011
A list by WandWielder
Very cool. Has a good story with a nice description and background. One small problem is the lack of enemies you find during the...

A New IF Players List - 4 items   October 25, 2010
A list by JSR

Best Infocom Games - 6 items   September 8, 2010
A list by Xervosh
The ones I personally enjoyed, and on that admittedly flawed basis, extrapolate you might enjoy the most as well. Presented in...

Original Favorites from My FIrst Day - 3 items   December 12, 2009
A list by NosesAreAlive
Anything I liked on my first day on this site

Ficção interativa - 18 items   October 28, 2009
A list by Emily Short
IF presented so far at the 13ª Jornada Nacional de Literatura in Passo Fundo, 2009. These works were chosen for a variety of reasons: to...

Active Non-player Characters - 26 items   February 28, 2008
A list by Emily Short
Games which make use of non-player characters that have a great deal of independence, often moving around and acting on their own, or...

Enduring Games - 6 items   October 28, 2007
A list by AmberShards
These are games with memorable stories, whose characters live long after the window has closed, and in which the puzzles are an integral...

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